An elemental dream of Unity

Dear People of Earth,

I had a dream, a simple, but far reaching dream. That our Air and our Water were being polluted by Fire and Earth, and scientists who study Air Water, Fire and Earth, said it was dangerous not to change, not to upgrade to make better. So we did, we focused in, and we transformed communities, people working side by side to make the places we live and work and play better at using resources wisely, better places to be that represented us served us and educated us. The best part was, when we did one, it happened everywhere, not the same, but different, but starting with the same idea of quality. We never had a problem with money, because we all agreed there was enough, but we had to center ourselves, and decide what was best for us, and how we could best use our resources of Energy and Time, Land, People and Goods. We found ways to express information without opinions, and came to our own decisions before discussions, which were preludes to actions, usually building.

We Educated ourselves, as part of taking care of People.

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