Decertify 2016 Election and Revote Suit

We have initiated a petition for redress of grievances, with a formal ask for a decertification of the election results, and a revote. Overwhelming evidence exists that the whole election has been spoiled beyond saving, as the only thing proven was that illegal voter suppression tactics work. We will be filing a motion for emergency injunctive relief based upon these findings to halt any actions by the people previously believed to have been elected.

(1)Illegal electors- This election should never have been certified. There are confirmed reports of dual position electorships, up to 50, notably Pam Bondi, Florida’s Secretary of State, and several from North Carolina outside of state law mandated electoral districts. Without these as legitimate elector votes, the electoral college vote failed to meet the threshold for victory. Seeing this as other, is de facto ordering clemency for election crimes. The votes MUST be retallied.
(2)Crosscheck program-a Republican party initiative single, cross state program purging voter rolls, of apparently 7 million voters out of 110 million- 6%, which has been shown to disproportionately affect Asian black and Hispanic voters, violating the 15th amendment. THis has hopelessy polluted election results
(a)7 million is an extraordinary number of voter purges- even if less than 40% actually voted, it is easy to see how careful planning of the sort associated with gerrymandering could turn that into an election day victory
The burden of proof in denying voters right to vote is on the state. The state has no proof these people have, or were planning to vote in multiple states, nor even, if these really are the same people, so no crime is committed to warrant removal of the voting right.However a 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights, or 18 U.S. Code § 242 under color of law, are certainly crimes to commit intentional deprivation of voter rights

(b)A cross state program, may not be legal without Congressional oversight
The alleged slanting of voter purges against Black, Hispanic and Asian voters is a clear 15th amendment violation.
(c)The failure to adjust electors via 14th Amendment Section 2- if states deliberately implement vote stripping, so too must electors and House Reps be stripped to match- and this must be considered BEFORE implementing such a widespread program.
(d)This cross state program was conducted primarily by one party, with no oversight, and no accountability to the public, one which has publicly over decades, admitted a goal of suppressing votes
(e)Such a program demands a public accounting of the formulas used-any court or legislative body must be aware of Murphy’s law, that anything that can happen, particularly with regards to money and power shifts, will happen. The maintenance of such a program in the dark is essentially a formal request for malfeasance.
(3)The election fails the State department’s own certification processes. Exit polls in 24 of 28 states displayed a consistent shift towards Trump in numbers far exceeding the margins for error up to 8%. Handcounted ballots in Europe average 1% of exit polls.
(4)Voter rights act unnecessary theory, put forth by the court, proved to have been incorrect and overly optimistic:
(5)14 section 2 prisoner reapportionment- the text of the Constitution, and the one person, one vote principle, as well as event the 2/3 compromise suggest that having a large body of disenfranchised voters who make the remaining voters more powerful was specifically something the Constitution has again and again attempted to prevent, and likely far outside the boundaries of what was intended- with nearly 6 million people in this circumstance, it seems likely In the present locked 435 convention, the lack of apportionment is likely a large shift of several electors from red to blue states. This is certainly not a matter to be decided by
(6)Alleged Russian involvement in hacking- external influence must always be monitored, and in this case there seems to have been very close ties- and large financial transactions in the 10’s and perhaps 100’s of millions of dollars, lied about, publicly
(7)Emoluments clause- Both The President elect and are deeply invested in businesses that are hopelessly entangled in international affairs.
The President elect’s Washington DC hotel has already benefited from his new status. What is the function of Blind Trust, foundations with regards to investments? Declaratory Relief is specifically sought in this, as well as historical analysis of the financial transactions of t
the incoming Secretary of State’s relationship and stock in reflect a deep commitment to an industry –oil- whose future must be considered as a matter of great national security risk to the future of the republic, national interests, and the lives of the American people.

Darrell Prince

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