Context of my outreach

Hello- I am reaching out you, and people who are concerned about the best possible direction of society, and I am asking you to join me, in commiting to do the self work to ensure a better future for us all.
My name is Darrell Prince- I’m an American citizen, with a background in science, marketing and operations at the corporate level, and much of my life involved in causes for the betterment of humanity. I am reaching out to people, because I believe your country needs you, humanity needs you, and the future needs us, to find a better path, a way to work together better, and so I am asking you to be a part of us helping each other, to do the self work necessary to bring about a bright bright future.
We need a better system of governing, of connecting, of deciding what to do, and actually achieving it. We need a better republic, a more engaged democracy- one that lives in the people is the biggest government, and the smallest at the same time. We are in a time of upheaval, change, and like any change, it will work out better if we prepare even if it doesn’t go exactly our way. The old models are bursting
Our society is too complex, too powerful to not be governed by reason, compassion for the many, and conservation of our resources, from air, water, food, land. We need a more educated, fact based civil discourse on the issues, based on core principles. We need to have context- some perspective on situations, how they have been handled in the past. We need more people engaged in the process, much more often than every 4 years. We need to figure out how to focus our energies, our discussios, so we have time to learn, to process to discuss, to decide, to debate, and to act while still being able to carry on our day to day, and know with certainty, that things are moving in the right direction. We won’t always agree or get our way but we can make sure we are heard, and make sure we are all moving in the right direction.3
We need a better national conversation- to have a democratic republic, or a robust and healthy society, we must speak the same language, have common understandings of the principles behind the laws of the society.
We need more focus in the national conversations 7000 groups agencies government officials speaking on 700 issues through a 1000 different information sources, biased news and fake news, from twitter to tv to facebook and email, about Syria vaccines elections Russians Chinese climate change police crime Social Security. TOO MUCH NOISE.